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Anno 2018 Numero 6

June 2018

BCS, Volcan L80 takes to the field

The Lombard Group, present at Fabbrico (RE) for Enovitis in Campo, showcases its full line of specialized tractors for vineyards. The spotlights are aimed at the Volcan L80, available in three versions; AR, RS and Dualsteer

The BCS Group takes part in Enovitis in Campo with all its specialized vineyard tractors, expressed in its three brands; BCS, Ferrari and Pasquali. Among the rows of the “Il Naviglio di F.lli Fantini” farm, the highlights are the new Volcan L80 top-range equal-wheeled tractors which, thanks to their compact size and manoeuvrability, are extremely agile even in narrow rows.

Available in three versions, each one designed for specific needs and customizable on the needs of the user thanks to set-ups and options: AR with central articulation, narrow carriage and limited radius; RS with steering wheels, stable and performing even on the steepest slopes; Dualsteer with double steering system, for top-category corner turning. The Volcan L80s are fitted with the new 2.5 litre, 75 Hp Kohler KDI engine. This is a latest generation common-rail engine, certified Stage IIIB, which brings the BCS tractors in line with the latest and most stringent European standards in the sector. Furthermore, the electronic management allows to set and store the most suitable engine speed for every working requirement. The transmission with synchronized 32 speed gearbox (16 forward + 16 reverse) can be fitted with the exclusive EasyDrive electrohydraulic reverser. The convenient lever of the reverser, located to the left of the steering wheel, allows the operator to change direction of travel without taking his hands off the steering wheel and without using the clutch pedal, for maximum operating comfort and total control of the vehicle. The EasyDrive electrohydraulic reverser proves to be particularly practical and comfortable in all those jobs for which numerous changes in direction are needed, for example in field manoeuvres in vineyards and orchards.

At the root of this exclusive system there is an electronic control unit, entirely developed and produced by the BCS Group, which is able to calculate in real time various parameters such as inclination, acceleration and load. The operator can change the responsiveness of the system to five different levels visible on the dashboard colour display, depending on their needs. The Dualsteer version enhances the special character of these tractors, joining the central joint of the frame to the steering of the front wheels. Thanks to the double steering system (BCS patent), it is possible to steer in just 2.2 metres to exit and enter the next row in a single manoeuvre. Such results cannot be achieved by the steering wheel versions (turning radius of 3,240 mm) nor by those with central articulation (2.7 metres).

by the editorial staff

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