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Specialised, the new BCS compacts

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2022 | Back

At the Bologna Exhibition Centre, the Milanese manufacturer BCS (based in Abbiategrasso) presents its latest offerings for the specialised tractor segment. It starts with the 35 AR Junior Micro series, a line of four-wheel drive articulated vehicles that have compactness as their trump card (with 5.00-15 tyres, the overall width is only 77 cm) and are therefore able to work in micro-rows and narrow vineyards, as well as in greenhouse vegetable cultivations and nurseries. The engine is a 3-cylinder Kubota 25 horsepower, while the transmission is the same 8 AV + 4 RM with soft clutches that equips the 35 range. Compact dimensions also for the 35 RS Junior series, consisting of steering tractors with four equal wheels, destined for the hobby sector and small farms specialising in cultivation in greenhouses, vegetable gardens and nurseries. Here too, the propulsion system is entrusted to the 25-horsepower Kubota 3-cylinder engine and the 8 AV + 4 RM transmission with soft clutches. The 35 RS Junior line is proposed with an essential equipment that nevertheless offers ample freedom of customisation. In particular, it is possible to choose between the independent PTO, the two-cylinder rear lift, the rear hydraulic jacks, the height-adjustable steering wheel, the independent manoeuvring brakes on the rear wheels and the front working lights. Moving up a category, BCS offers the 60 AR Micro series. These are reversible articulated tractors with equal four-wheel drive, hyper-compact (with 7.00-18 tyres the overall width is only 95 cm) but equipped with a robust hydraulic system. Conceived for the viticulture sector, which requires tractors with a reversible driver's seat and dimensions that allow them to work easily between narrow rows, these machines are powered by a 3-cylinder Kohler 49 horsepower engine and are equipped with a 12 AV + 12 RM synchronised transmission. The strengths of the 60 AR Micro series include the possibility of upgrading the hydraulic system with an oversized 33.5 l/min pump with heat exchanger and flow divider for oil management on the various distributors. The new mudguards, essential and with a soft rubber profile, are another plus of this series as they respect the vegetation of the environment in which they operate as much as possible.



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