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Spirit 70, maximum agility for BCS specialty tractors

by Fabrizio Sereni
May - June 2022 | Back

Spirit 70 is the new line of compact medium-power isodiameter tractors with reversible drive, designed and manufactured by BCS of Abbiategrasso (Milan). BCS specialty tractors are presented on the market with four different versions: AR with central articulation, narrow track and small turning radius; RS with steered wheels, stability and grip for use even in sloping areas; MT with steered wheels, for mowing forage in hilly and mountainous areas; DUALSTEER with central articulation and steered wheels.

The latter, in particular, offers high manoeuvring agility even in the tightest spaces thanks to its dual steering system, which connects and synchronises the central articulation of the frame to the steering of the front wheels, thus ensuring a steering angle of as much as 60° (to exit and enter the next row in a single manoeuvre).

The Spirit 70 is powered by a Stage V 4-cylinder Turbo Intercooler engine with 63 horsepower and particulate filter. Electronic RPM adjustment - the Milan-based company explains in a technical note - is controlled via the hand throttle; a button on the dashboard allows the desired engine speed to be memorised and then recalled or excluded. The transmission also has several innovative features.

The Easy Plus multi-plate clutch in an oil bath is hydraulically controlled and is managed by software that optimises the use of the clutch pedal to avoid abrupt starts (engagement is therefore progressive, with no jerking and no wear), while the Power Clutch System device allows the tractor to reverse direction or change speed without using the clutch pedal.

Another plus of the new transmission is the Smart Brake & Go technology, which can be activated by means of a special button on the dashboard, and which allows the tractor to be stopped and restarted just by acting on the brake pedal, without using the clutch.

The BCS engineers have not only updated the electronics but have also renewed the mechanical heart of the transmission, which has seen the introduction of a double steering cylinder in the central articulation (AR version) and for the front axle (RS version), oversized planetary gearboxes for fitting 20" tyres, and a forced lubrication circuit for bearings and PTO.

On the Spirit 70 tractors, the rear power lift is even more effective - lifting capacity has been increased by 25% - while the L-arms, adjustable in both width and length, increase compatibility with the latest generation of equipment. The oversized hydraulic equipment allows the tractor to be fitted with up to 5 double-acting distributors with free discharge (a total of 11 hydraulic outlets) and a standard flow rate of about 37 l/m, which increases to a good 48 litres/m in the oversized version.

Lastly, one of the strong points of the new BCS range is the large 4-post cab (the internal volume has increased from 90 to 100 litres) designed with a conical and compact profile, ideal for manoeuvring in narrow rows, even on side slopes, and in environments rich in vegetation.

Equipped with heating and air conditioning, it is pressurised and approved in category 4 for safe treatments.

The increase in wheelbase - reads the BCS note - has made it possible to equip the machine with suspended pedals, thus increasing the space of the footboard.

Thanks to this technological solution, the ergonomics are the same in both front and rear drive.





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