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BCS technologies take centre stage at EIMA 2022

by Fabrizio Sereni
December 2022 | Back

In the foreground, among the many new products presented by BCS at EIMA 2022, is the iconic 622, heir to one of the first motor mowers powered by an internal combustion engine. Undergoing a profound upgrade both technically - new hydraulic clutch and new engines - and aesthetically, the 622 features the innovative PowerSafe clutch with hydraulically actuated multiple discs in oil bath, which offers the operator reliability in all conditions, as well as comfort and safety. Four engines are available, with two petrol engines with 11.7 or 16 horsepower, and two diesels of 9 or 10.5 horsepower. On these models, the Milanese company (based in Abbiategrasso) has also renewed the aesthetics, now more modern and with a family feeling that recalls that of the BCS single-axle range. On the stand of the Lombard company the spotlight was also on the Duplex Avant cutter bar, a front model with double reciprocating movement: blade and comb move simultaneously in opposite directions for a perfect scissor cut. Developed to meet a growing demand for mowers that are even more respectful of the environment, insects and the fauna that populate grass fields, the new Duplex Avant also reduces contamination of the forage with soil and impurities thanks to its gentle cutting action. The BCS-designed bar is equipped with a 60-litre hydraulic tank and hydraulic pump, and can be combined with reversible isodiametric tractors or conventional tractors equipped with front PTO. Thanks to its compact support frame, designed to minimise the overhang of the cutter bar in relation to the tractor, and pivoting by +/-4° to adapt to the contours of the terrain, Duplex Avant is suitable for mowing on hilly and mountainous areas or on steep terrain. The working width of 2.42 metres is designed for combined use with the rear Duplex for a total cutting width of more than 4 metres. In the professional disc mower segment, BCS presented the DYNAMIX R8, a rear-mounted mower conditioner with central suspension. Aimed at the market for large areas and intensive farming, on flat or light hillsides, the DYNAMIX R8 is characterised by its dual lightening system. The traditional system, which uses a hydro-pneumatic accumulator with nitrogen cylinder, is paired with a dynamic and continuously variable lightening device depending on the conditions of use, which uses a hydro-mechanical kinematic mechanism and an anti-collision device with patented 'Zero Gravity' automatic return to working position. The technology introduced by BCS on its mower conditioner reduces the impact of the machine on the ground, improving the work quality (the forage is cleaner and less subject to contamination). In addition, with the double lightening system, the operator can work at higher speeds with less power required from the tractor and, consequently, with reduced fuel consumption. The DYNAMIX R8 is equipped with a polyurethane chevron roller conditioner, has a working width of 3.25 metres and is designed for ideal use in combination with the NEVA Avant bar, for a total cutting width of more than 6 m.


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