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Volcan 85 isodiametric tractors, BCS presents restyling

by Giovanni M. Losavio
January 2024 | Back

News coming soon for BCS 75 horsepower isodiametric tractors. The Lombard manufacturer (headquartered in Abbiategrasso, Milan) has in fact implemented the Volcan range with several technological upgrades that mainly concern the hydraulic system and the driver's seat, which has been made even more comfortable and ergonomic. The main changes made by BCS technicians involved, in particular, the seat adjustment system, which is characterized by greater longitudinal travel; the pedals, which are now all suspended and placed in a more advanced position, rotate with the control tower; the dashboard, reconfigured with a new steering wheel design, a new manual accelerator control (knob) and with the addition of a pair of USB sockets. On the Volcan 85, the Milanese manufacturer has also renewed the Vista Pro cab, implemented with a four-post frame with conical profile (improves the view of the work area) and with Category 4 approval which, combined with pressurization and triple-stage activated carbon filters, protects the operator from dust, aerosols and vapors. The interventions on the hydraulic system instead focused mainly on the distributors and the oil cooling circuit, which now ensures even higher performance. Particularly noteworthy are the positioning of the rear hydraulic outlets located on the fenders; levers for the operation of directional control valves all grouped on the right side of the driving position; the addition of a spin-on pressure filter, which improves oil cleanliness and protection of hydraulic components; the joystick with a new ergonomic grip. The Volcan 85 are available in AR version with articulated chassis, RS or MT versions with steering wheels or with the dual steering system Dualsteer. The Model Year 24 setup, thanks also to the reversibility of the driving position, is particularly suitable for cultivation in rows of vineyards and orchards, greenhouses, municipal works and forage mowing in hilly and mountainous areas.


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