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The agility of the Ma.Tra.300

by Emanuele Bredice
July-August-September 2023 | Back

BCS expands its range of professional landscaping machines with the Ma.Tra.300 mower, a professional hydrostatic model. The new arrival is a self-propelled machine built by the Abbiategrasso (Milan) company's technicians to be used both in cleaning and reclamation operations, and in cutting grass without collection, such as in parks, flowerbeds and roadside verges. The mower is equipped with a three-cylinder Yanmar Stage V diesel engine that develops 26 horsepower at 2,800 rpm. The engine is located in a raised position to prevent overheating due to dust and debris raised during cutting operations. Cooling is ensured by a special self-cleaning mesh radiator, assisted by a suction fan. The new machine from the Lombardy-based manufacturer stands out for its optimal manoeuvrability, which is possible thanks to its four drive wheels that allow it to work safely even on slopes and uneven terrain without losing grip. In addition, the large ground clearance and tilting rear axle allow the Ma.Tra.300 to easily negotiate pavements and bumps. The driving position is comfortable and safe, while the control instrumentation is integrated in the centre of the dashboard and all controls are ergonomically positioned and can be easily operated by the operator. The seat is adjustable and sprung, as is the steering column, which guarantees turning radii of 400 millimetres thanks to the hydroguide. Ma.Tra.300 is equipped as standard with a reclining roll-bar, seat belts and road-legal LED lighting system. The equipment is completed by the non-harvesting cutting attachments in Muster double-rotor and BladeRunner single-rotor versions, which allow the chopped material to settle evenly on the ground and decompose in a short space of time.


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