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Anno 2017 Numero 5-6

May - June 2017

Enovitis, high technology for viticulture

The wine sector continues to be one the main protagonists of Italian agriculture. The hills around Verona will be the setting of Enovitis in the Field, the dynamic fair promoted by UIV and VeronaFiere, which will be held June 22 and 23, to showcase

With a cultivated surface of about 640 thousand hectares, 1.4 million workers, an annual production of about 50 million hectolitres, exports amounting to 40% of the total production and more than 500 labels - Docg, Doc and Ig - Italy is one the most important wine producing countries. Enovitis in Campo is dedicated to the machines and equipment for viticulture. The specialized show of the sector will be held in the province of Verona this year, precisely at Cavaion Veronese, June 22 and 23. It is organized by UIV, the Italian Wine Union, and by VeronaFiere - in collaboration with Fieragricola - and will return to the Veneto region, after having been held in the Puglia region and in Sicily in the last two editions.

Enovitis is in fact an itinerant fair, and this year it will be held in the Bardolino Classico hills near Lake Garda, at the winery Vigneti Villabella, founded in 1971 by Walter Delibori and Giorgio Cristoforetti. Today it spreads over an area of 220 hectares of vineyards and a 10 hectare organic oasis to which another 13 hectares, which are now being converted, will soon be added. During Enovitis in Campo it will be possible to see in action, inside 340 vine-rows, the most modern technologies being presented by more than 130 manufacturers, also verifying the results. All the agronomic operations will be performed, from the planting of vineyards, to plant protection, from land nutrition and management, to irrigation, management of foliage and harvesting. Also the most modern tractors specialized in vineyards and orchards will be seen in action. The fair also organizes some appointments focusing on alternative energy sources and some spaces will be dedicated to the technologies for the management of pruning residues, precision viticulture, with machines and accessories that carry out targeted operations also thanks to aerial photo surveys provided by drones.

Guided tours for business people and wine lovers will be organized by the promoters of the event, in collaboration with agronomists and wine experts. The programme also includes guided wine tasting sessions, organized by Vivai Cooperativi Rauscedo, a company specialized in grapevine nursery activities, which proposes experimental micro vine growing obtained with new rootstocks. Wine tastings will take place in the “Corte Torcolo” room of the Town Hall.

On the occasion of Enovitis in Campo, UIV is promoting the Innovation Challenge, that awards the innovative products present at the fair. It is divided into two categories, the Technological Innovation Award, that is a “special mention for the projects considered of particular note, for whose development an extensive scientific expertise is acknowledged together with field experience”, awarded this year to the isodiametric tractor with continuous variable transmission TONY 9800 SR, by Antonio Carraro, and to the ACT System, by Caffini, a ventilation system to be applied on spraying machines. The second award, the New Technology Enovitis in Campo 2017, “for projects that imply process and product innovation in the winemaking process”, which goes to the self-propelled harvester-chipper-loader for row crop pruning residue; to the pythium oligandrum-based organic anti-botrytis treatment by Gowan Italia; to the 111AA Wi-Fi Tecnovict sheeter by Spezia. The award ceremony will take place during the inauguration of the fair. As for conferences, there will be some meetings focusing on the qualitative evolution of Pinot Grigio delle Venezie, on the comparison of techniques for weed control in vineyards, on the growth forecasts for precision agriculture in the viticulture sector; there will also be seminars on digital solutions for the management of bureaucratic issues, authorizations for new vineyards, and micro fertigation.

All the visitors of the event will also be invited to take part in a contest to vote the best tractor, organized by UIV in collaboration with portal Macgest. Visitors will vote for what they believe is the best tractor for vineyard/orchard of the fair, on the bases of parameters such as maneuverability, design, comfort, transmission and best value.

by Patrizia Menicucci

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