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Agricultural mechanization in Puglia, a sector expanding its activities abroad

Puglia has an extraordinary agricultural tradition and is expressing a demand for mechanization that local companies can only partly meet. Problems linked to infrastructures and funding capacity of farms are affecting manufacturing companies' growth in size but the collaboration with university-based research facilities and a focus on foreign markets may give impetus to the sector
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Puglia: growing the demand for mechanization

The registration numbers for 2018, if compared with those of 2014, 2015 and 2016, show a recovery in the Region in terms of investments for the purchase of tractors. Sales remain high for used machines, which do not improve the efficiency of the agricultural system and which contribute to expanding an already very old equipment fleet

Mechanical trade fair: guide to themes

More than fifty public events will enliven the schedule of the international exposition of agricultural mechanization held in the capital city from October 12 to 15. The issues taken up in these assemblies will range from policies, finances and techniques with the promotion of FederUnacoma, the Puglia Region, the University of Bari, Unacma and ITABIA among others

Enovitis, appointment in Puglia

The Italian wine sector continues to represent an important segment of our economy. Machinery and equipment for vineyard activities are the main characters of Enovitis in Campo, an event scheduled in the province of Bari on June 17 and 18. Room for the sectors linked to olive cultivation, energy from biomass and precision agriculture. Competitions, conferences and workshops are also included in the event, arrived at its tenth edition

Agrilevante's agenda was made up of technology, publishing and political strategies

Bari's exhibition hosted a large number of meetings on important issues for southern Italy's agriculture and the whole Mediterrenean area. The attention was on agronomic topics such as viticulture, olive cultivation and arable land. The main political topics were work safety and young enterprises

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