Information on the mechanization of agriculture, gardening, components and multifunctionality.

Agrilevante's agenda was made up of technology, publishing and political strategies

Bari's exhibition hosted a large number of meetings on important issues for southern Italy's agriculture and the whole Mediterrenean area. The attention was on agronomic topics such as viticulture, olive cultivation and arable land. The main political topics were work safety and young enterprises

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The exhibition of Agrilevante offered, besides a large number of promotional and commercial initiatives, a wide programme of meetings concerning technical issues, sponsored partly by the organizing authorities and the Bari Trade Fair and by academic institutions, professional associations, authorities and specialised publishers.

Among the initiatives sponsored by the Univeristy of Bari the attention was on the topic "Floriculture Systems with Low Environmental Impact: Fewer Conventional Chemical Agents with Utilization of Biopromoters and Bio Water Purification", promoted in cooperation with DISAAT, that illustrated the final results of the Chimica Verdeflor Project; and "Rootstock Native to Puglia: Present and Prospects" dedicated to the value of regional native vines and most of all to minor vines, from which it is possible to obtain unique wines.

The focus was on agricultural mechanization during the meeting sponsored by the University of Bari on "End-User requirements and Goals of Research on Viticulture Mechanization and Wine Production Plant". The speakers highlighted the situation regarding research and supply of the machines used either for cultivation, processing or treatment of by-products.

Agromillora sponsored a technical meeting on "Mechanization of Almond Cultivation" and an event devoted to olive cultivation, one of the strong points of agriculture in Puglia. During the Bari Trade Fair the focus was on the strategies for business innovation and cultivation techniques demanding new financial instruments with the workshops on ""Financing for Agricultural Enterprises", promoted by Fiera del Levante, FederUnacoma and Abi and on "Financing for Updating Agricultural Machinery" organized by Cia, SicurAgriPuglia and Inail.

The attention was also centred on environmentally friendly agriculture with the conference for the presentation of "The MAGIS Project: Sustainability and Innovation in Production of Table Grapes" sponsored by the University of Bari; the meeting on "Conservation Agriculture" promoted by L'Informatore Agrario publisher; the initiatives by Nova Agricoltura in the Sole 24 Ore Group area with the meeting "Sustainable Olive Cultivation", followed by the workshop "Production and Environmental Sustainability of Durum Wheat. Winning Experiences" (promoted by Sole 24 Ore Group and Nova Agricoltura).

The Common Agricultural Policy was the focus of the meeting "Youth in Agriculture, doing business with the new Pac" sponsored by L'Informatore Agrario publisher. Keeping to economic and political topics, Cia and Agia (Association of the Young Agriculture Businesspeople) highlighted the importance of young enterpreneurs in the primary sector during the meeting "Innovation in Agriculture with European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs) and the New European Programme".

Among the ENAMA initiatives the attention was on "State of Progress of Regulatory Framework for Brand New Machinery in Use and for Control Functions of Sprayers at National and Regional Levels", promoted in cooperation with the University of Bari and the Puglia Region. An important workshop on work safety was sponsored by Cia-Inail on "Mechanical Risks and Solutions to Apply for Reducing Risk".

At the centre of attention were the issues concerning regional agriculture: the workshop sponsored by Vivai Cooperativi Rauscendo on "Viticulture in Puglia Facing New Wine Market Requirements" took stock of one of the products of excellence in Puglia, while the meeting "Agronet: Permanent Logistics Infrastructures, Distribution and Assistance network for the Agro-Food Production Chain in the Adriatic Sea" sponsored by the Puglia Regional Industry and Innovation Research Service, took stock of the Agronet Project, aimed at creating a governance system in the leading sector of the "Adriatic Region".

The focus on Puglia continued with the presentation of the tv programme "Le Eccellenze di Puglia" (Puglia's Excellence) produced by Somir Editore for Antenna Sud tv channel, followed by the presentation of the publication "Sustainable Agriculture: Principles, Systems and Technologies Applied to Agricultural production to Safeguard the Environment and the Climate"(Gruppo 24 Ore/Novà agricoltura). In the M.i.A. Salon devoted to multifunctionality in agriculture the meeting on "City and Countryside: the Quality of Environment and Landscape according to the Aims of Puglia Region" sponsored by FederUnacoma and Promoverde Puglia examined the demands of the Apulian territory according to the new PSR 2014/202 (Programme for Rural Development) and took stock of the Regional Landscape Planning. Two further workshops sponsored by Promoverde Puglia in the salon M.i.A. were worth mentioning: "The Grass Lawn for Professional Use" and "The Grass Lawn as a Pastime".


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