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Pellenc, a 2022 full of novelties

2022 sees Pellenc launch new products in the cordless equipment segment, starting with the Helion 3 hedge trimmer with ULiB 750 battery, which offers ample working autonomy. The sturdy and versatile machine is equipped with three interchangeable blades that -...

Battery-powered equipment and tractors

The full electric drive of agricultural machinery and equipment is increasing, although current energy density of the batteries has not yet reached a sufficient level to properly spread this solution, which is undoubtedly more respectful of the operator and the environment. A further problem is the lack of satisfactory battery life, which in the agricultural field often exceeds, sometimes by far, the classic 8 hours per day

Battery-powered products in green management: potential and problems

Comagarden/Morgan data on sales of garden and lawn care equipment highlight, within a recovering market, the massive success of electrically powered technologies. A survey of the types of products that use the electric motor, from self-propelled machinery with driver on board to equipment carried by the operator. Environmental benefits and the problem of disposal and recovery of used batteries

Emak cordless lawnmower, up to 1000 m2 of range

The end of the lockdown marks the launch on the market of four new battery-powered lawnmowers by Emak of Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia): the Oleo-Mac Gi 48 P and Gi 48 T models (with a cutting surface of 600...

Emak lawnmowers, the evolution of battery models

Attractive design, functionality, dual battery and ease of use are some of the features of the new Emak Group battery-powered lawnmowers under the Efco and Oleo-Mac brands. Lri 44 P Efco and Gi 44 P Oleo-Mac, these are the names of...

Battery equipment, a resource for gardening

Electric powered equipment is lighter, more manageable and products less noise and fewer vibrations compared to traditional models, all to the advantage of the comfort of the operator. Battery powered equipment for the maintenance of greenery is certain to become more popular thanks to innovative technologies which enhance safety and environmental sustainability. Hedge trimmers and mowers can be efficiently powered by electric motors with performance and efficiency which are no less than what traditional power provides

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