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Pellenc, a 2022 full of novelties

by the editorial staff
July - August - September 2022 | Back

2022 sees Pellenc launch new products in the cordless equipment segment, starting with the Helion 3 hedge trimmer with ULiB 750 battery, which offers ample working autonomy. The sturdy and versatile machine is equipped with three interchangeable blades that - the manufacturer explains - offer great cutting capacity and precision, while the anti-blocking system, anti-rebound technology and blade protection device guarantee extreme safety. Weighing just 3.5 kilos, the Pellenc hedge trimmer is equipped with a quick connector, an ergonomic handle and a 4-speed selector switch.

Shortly after the debut of the Helion 3 last March, Pellenc debuted the C35 and C45 secateurs for use in viticulture, arboriculture, olive-growing and landscaping. Presented in June, the new pruning shears are powerful and lightweight, and feature an innovative cutting head (35 mm for the C35 and 45 mm for the C45). One of the pluses of these two models is the "Activ' Security" anti-cutting system, which immediately stops the blade in the event of contact with the body. The models soon to be launched include the Power 48 vibratory comb and the Cultivion Alpha rotary tiller, available from September.

Equipped with a high-efficiency 480 W motor, the Power 48 is a light and agile working tool designed to deliver top performance while safeguarding the tree, fruit and branches. The new vibrating comb from Pellenc can be used with two different heads - Olivion Solo for maximum productivity and Olivion Duo for table olives - and with two different types of pole: a fixed 230 cm pole and a telescopic pole from 220 to 300 cm.

Also on the launching pad, the Cultivion Alpha cultivator-weeder with integrated battery. Suitable for mechanical weeding, soil aeration and hoeing work, this machine stands out for its ability to deliver 885 hoe strokes per minute and thus for its great manoeuvring agility. However, the Cultivion Alpha is also a versatile working tool, as it is capable of carrying out a wide variety of tasks thanks to its 4 types of blades and 9 possible tilt angles.


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