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New Oleo-Mac blowers, power and working autonomy

A new range of battery-powered blowers makes its debut on the Italian market. These are the Oleo-Mac BVi 60 BOOST models which, distributed in Italy by Emak of Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia), stand out for their characteristics of lightness...

Blowers, effective and versatile equipments

They are mostly offered at the hobbyist level, but there is no shortage of models for professional use, which can often be easily converted into vacuum cleaners/shredders as well. Battery-powered models are enjoying remarkable success, thanks to an ever increasing working autonomy

BL2000 blower, powerful and versatile

At Eima International, the Lombard company Cifarelli (based in Voghera) presented the BL2200 model, a powerful compact knapsack blower designed for professional use. Cifarelli's new blower is powered by the same 5 Hp two-stroke C7 engine (generating an air volume...

Billy Goat blowers, high efficiency performance

Billy Goat blowers are specifically designed to collect leaves and debris with great speed, thus facilitating subsequent collection and disposal operations. Equipped with a high-strength structure and a highly efficient fan, the Billy Goat blowers are not only able to...

The new Emak versatile and ergonomic blowers

The new Emak blowers, the Efco SA 2500, and Oleo-Mac BV 250 models are versatile working tools that offer top-level performance in both hobby and professional fields. Light and comfortable (weighing just four kilos including the hose and shredding knife),...

The new Emak group blowers are versatile and stylish

Their names are Efco SAi 60 and Oleo-Mac BVi 60, and they are two new blowers that are making their debut on the Italian market during these weeks. They are being launched by the Reggio Emilia company Emak, a company...

Comfort and performance with new blowers Emak

Efco SA 9000 and Oleo-Mac BV 900 backpack blowers, the most recent products brought to the market by the Emak Group, ensure maximum comfort for operators and top-flight performance for cleaning up urban greenery and providing support in agriculture as...

Airion2 di Pellenc, il soffiatore ultraleggero

Five years after the launch of the Airion1 blower, Pellenc puts on the market the Airion2, a lightweight blower with dynamic balancing. The power of the new blower has been increased by 30% compared with the first version. This is...

Blowers and vacuums: a range of products for a growing market

Among the technologies for garden care and the maintenance of open areas blowers and vacuums are product types which have become essential by now. These items of equipment, with increasingly efficient performance, are differentiated according to their use, whether they are for professional or amateur operations

Reduced energy consumption for the blowers by AMA Group

Specializing in the development of high tech solutions for the preparation and maintenance of low-speed vehicles, agricultural machinery and landscaping technologies, the AMA Group is present in the blowers and aspirators market segment with a broad and diverse range, able...

Cifarelli: easy landscaping with the BL1200 blower

The BL1200 blower comes from the solid experience that Cifarelli of Voghera (Pavia) has gained in the design and manufacture of professional machines for agriculture and landscaping, sectors in which the Lombardy company has operated for about fifty years. The...

Hitachi Italia, compact and powerful blowers

  In the blowers sector, Hitachi Fercad Powertools Italia Spa, based in Altavilla Vicentina, presents the RB36DL model with lithium battery. As explained by the manufacturer in a technical note, this is a lightweight and compact machine, designed to offer...

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