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The new Emak group blowers are versatile and stylish

by the editorial staff
May - June 2019 | Back

Their names are Efco SAi 60 and Oleo-Mac BVi 60, and they are two new blowers that are making their debut on the Italian market during these weeks. They are being launched by the Reggio Emilia company Emak, a company from Bagnolo in Piano specializing in the production and design of technologies for gardening as well as for the forestry sector. Equipped with an air outlet speed regulator and a lively brushless engine, the Efco SAi 60 and Oleo-Mac BVi 60 models are powered by powerful interchangeable and silent 2.5 and 5 Ah batteries, designed to offer the operator top-level performance. However, the two Emak blowers are also valued for their ease of use and reliability. These characteristics, together with zero emissions (acoustic and environmental), make them ideal working tools for managing flower beds, pavements or small domestic areas, in cities and near inhabited areas, at any time of day. The absence of electric cables, which are a potential element of hindrance while working in the garden, eases operations even in areas distant from the home, to the benefit of the quality of work. Another noteworthy strengths of Efco SAi 60 and Oleo-Mac BVi 60 is the Constant Voltage system, which ensure that the two blowers have a level of constant performance throughout the duration of the charge. A special mention goes to their look, which is modern and appealing, able to win over those users who value the appeal of design as well as productivity.

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