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Comfort and performance with new blowers Emak

by Giacomo Di Paola
May - June 2017 | Back

Efco SA 9000 and Oleo-Mac BV 900 backpack blowers, the most recent products brought to the market by the Emak Group, ensure maximum comfort for operators and top-flight performance for cleaning up urban greenery and providing support in agriculture as support for olive and fruit harvesting. The SA 9000 and BV 900 are ideal for a wide range of work thanks to their ergonomic design studied down to the smallest details. The winning features of these Emak blowers are backpacks taken down to minimum weight, oscillation and low vibration of the machine and the location of the controls to facilitate access with a grip which can be regulated according to the height of the operator. Power is provided by a 5 Hp two cycle engine equipped with a lever for regulating acceleration to the fixed regime and self starting. The strong performance comes to 27 m³/min and air flow speed at 105 m/sec to guarantee quick and efficient work on all types of terrain. Anodized aluminum is used for the frame for lightweight and rust resistance to ensure a longer lifespan. Coming as standard equipment for the SA 9000 and BV 900 are rectangular and circular air terminals fitted with semispheres to allow the blower to be placed on the ground for operations on level surfaces. Also noteworthy is that maintenance is facilitated by the use of a single screwdriver for work on all the screws used on these blowers. 


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