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Landroid lawnmowers, precise and fast processing

In the lawn and garden maintenance segment, the Worx brand, distributed in Italy by the company Fiaba of Camisano Vicentino (Vicenza), offers the Landroid L800 WR148E model. As the manufacturer itself explains in a technical note, this is a lawn...

Billy Goat, Fiaba's Mowing Tractors

The Billy Goat Outback mowing tractors (BCT4322BCE and BCT4323BCE) which Fiaba will bring to Eima International, round out the already extensive Billy Goat range, adding comfort and the driving experience of a lawn tractor. Tuff Torq transmissions provide optimum traction:...

Billy Goat blowers, high efficiency performance

Billy Goat blowers are specifically designed to collect leaves and debris with great speed, thus facilitating subsequent collection and disposal operations. Equipped with a high-strength structure and a highly efficient fan, the Billy Goat blowers are not only able to...

MGF Brushcutters, powerful and resistant to wear

Fiaba, a Vicenza-based company based in Camisano specialized in gardening technologies, expands the range of MGF hand-held brushcutters with 3 Honda 4-stroke models that join the 25 cc and 35.8 cc models. The new Fiaba brushcutters are powered by the...

IS2100Z, Fiaba lawn mowers focus on performance

Productivity and comfort, but also precision in manoeuvring and durability over time. These are the strengths of the IS2100Z lawn mower made by Fiaba of Ca­mi­sano Vicentino, a Venetian company specialized in the sector of landscaping machines. Offered both in...

IS3200Z lawnmowers, landscaping made easier

Performance, quality and comfort are the winning features of the IS3200Z, a zero turn lawnmower produced by the Dutch maker Ferris and marketed in Italy by Fiaba, based in Camisano Vicentino. Equipped with suspensions fitted with adjustable coilover dampers on...

Zero Turn lawnmower IS 3200Z, powerful yet fuel efficient

  Productivity and performance above the average; these are the distinguishing features of the zero turn lawnmower IS 3200Z, designed by the Vicenza company Fiaba Srl (headquartered in Camisano Vicentino) and designed to handle with great ease even the most...

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