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Billy Goat blowers, high efficiency performance

by the editorial staff
May - June 2022 | Back

Billy Goat blowers are specifically designed to collect leaves and debris with great speed, thus facilitating subsequent collection and disposal operations. Equipped with a high-strength structure and a highly efficient fan, the Billy Goat blowers are not only able to emit up to 184 m³ of air per minute, but also to deliver air in three different directions, avoiding manoeuvres and thus speeding up work on even the largest surfaces. In fact, the X3000CE blower is equipped with three air outlets (right, front and left) that can be individually controlled from the control panel. Thanks to this technical solution, the operator can direct the airflow in all directions without having to resort to any additional manoeuvres to direct it. The operator can open, manage and close the three air vents via a joystick located right on the control dashboard, where all the machine's control systems are located (from the hydrostatic drive levers, to the blow nozzles, to the engine ignition and acceleration devices). The parking brake, on the other hand, is activated automatically by opening the traction levers and this facilitates dismantling the platform. The blower - explains the Fiaba company that distributes the Billy Goat brand in Italy in a technical note - is equipped with front and rear anchor rings that allow it to be firmly fixed to the body of one's own means of transport. Another plus of the Billy Goat models is the oscillating front axle, which allows the machine to overcome kerbs or any unevenness in the ground with great ease, absorbing the stresses.

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