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Billy Goat, Fiaba's Mowing Tractors

by the editorial staff
October - November 2022 | Back

The Billy Goat Outback mowing tractors (BCT4322BCE and BCT4323BCE) which Fiaba will bring to Eima International, round out the already extensive Billy Goat range, adding comfort and the driving experience of a lawn tractor. Tuff Torq transmissions provide optimum traction: depending on the conditions, a choice can be made between a 4WD or 2WD model. DemoGreenOutback tractors are e­quipped with reliable 22 (2WD) and 23 Hp (4WD) Briggs & Stratton engines. Both the Professional and Commercial series offer high performance even in the harshest environments. DemoGreen The CXi engine includes a cyclonic air filter that provides advanced protection against airborne debris. DemoGreenBoth Outback tractors are equipped with a differential lock acting on the rear wheels. DemoGreenThe system enables you to continue driving even if one of the rear wheels should slip. DemoGreenBoth models are equipped with cruise control. DemoGreenWhen working on large areas, it seems very useful to be able to set and lock the cutting speed so that the tractor can be used more comfortably. DemoGreenBoth are equipped with a sturdy 110 cm cutting deck for tall grass suitable for a variety of grass types and undergrowth. DemoGreenCutting deck (cutting height between 3 and 8.5 cm), which is designed with a wide front opening to discharge grass clippings to the rear. DemoGreenThe three-blade shafts have cross-mounted blades positioned at a staggered cutting height. DemoGreenThis enhances performance on tall grass by allowing optimal mowing reduction and good cutting quality, even on manicured lawns.

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