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BL2000 blower, powerful and versatile

by Giovanni M. Losavio
December 2022 | Back

At Eima International, the Lombard company Cifarelli (based in Voghera) presented the BL2200 model, a powerful compact knapsack blower designed for professional use. Cifarelli's new blower is powered by the same 5 Hp two-stroke C7 engine (generating an air volume of up to 1,620 m3/h at high speed) already in use on the 1200 series. Compared to this one, the BL2000 range has an even more compact design, with an air filter located on the side and with an innovative shoulder support system that reduces the overall dimensions of the machine, especially in height. Agility of manoeuvre and access to the narrowest areas are therefore the main strengths of the BL2000 blower, which can work with great ease in the undergrowth without branches getting caught in the filter. Thanks to its jet power, the blower developed by the Pavia-based company can quickly clean even large areas of leaves, grass or other material, working efficiently even with large quantities of leaves and in wet ground conditions. Versatility is another strong point of the BL2000. The machine - Cifarelli explains in a technical note - can be used in agriculture for harvesting olives and nuts (chestnuts or hazelnuts), in beekeeping to remove bees from hives during honey extraction, in cleaning operations to remove fresh snow from driveways or plants.

Characterised by its low weight and low vibration level, the Cifarelli blower stands out for its optimal weight distribution on the operator's shoulders, its adjustable control handle, its curved backrest with a large, soft cushion, and its special system for attaching and positioning the shoulder straps.

These construction solutions, together with the low noise level of the muffler and fan, and with the telescopic tube adjustable in length, enhance the ergonomics of the machine and make the user's work more comfortable and less burdensome.

Precisely because it was conceived for professional use, the BL2000 model is equipped with a heavy-duty carburettor and a large air intake filter, offering top performance even in dusty environments. Finally, to facilitate machine maintenance under any conditions, Cifarelli has provided a simplified disassembly system and the use of a single spanner to dismantle almost all components.

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