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BL2000 blower, powerful and versatile

At Eima International, the Lombard company Cifarelli (based in Voghera) presented the BL2200 model, a powerful compact knapsack blower designed for professional use. Cifarelli's new blower is powered by the same 5 Hp two-stroke C7 engine (generating an air volume...

New Cifarelli line: highlights on "L3Evo"

Cifarelli Spa of Voghera (PV) has been producing since 1967 small engine-driven backpack machinery: mist blowers, blowers, vacuum cleaners for harvesting chestnuts, hazelnuts and related products and shakers for harvesting olives. 90% of these products are exported to more than...

Cifarelli re-acquires Emak shares

The Cifarelli family is back in full control of Cifarelli Spa, a company based in Voghera (Pavia), specialized in the production of professional agricultural and gardening machinery. The operation was completed last June when Emak from Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio...

Cifarelli, an italian story

Raffaele Cifarelli and wife Rita founded his company in 1967 in Voghera now celebrating its fiftieth anniversary with a packed schedule of event planned to underscore the role played by intuition and creativity in the life of a manufacturing industry. The festivities are also intended as a look into the future bringing further development thanks to a new organization of the company

Cifarelli: easy landscaping with the BL1200 blower

The BL1200 blower comes from the solid experience that Cifarelli of Voghera (Pavia) has gained in the design and manufacture of professional machines for agriculture and landscaping, sectors in which the Lombardy company has operated for about fifty years. The...

Cifarelli: new ULV system

ULV is the name of the new Cifarelli accessory developed for the M1200 atomizer. With this innovative system, the atomizer allows a calibrated and uniform treatment without wasting product, making this versatile and comfortable machine an ideal tool for professionals....

Efficiency and comfort for the new Cifarelli shakers

The SC605 shaker from Cifarelli in Voghera in the Pavia Province was presented at Agrilevante. The new machine flanks the SC800 model, designed especially for professionals in the sector, provides light weight and greater comfort for the harvest of olives...

Cifarelli: hooving nuts, power and comfort

A user-friendly nut harvester that can become a backpack device when the terrain gets tough is the main novelty to be unveiled by Voghera-based Cifarelli at the 2014 EIMA industrial fair. The designers’ main aim with the Cifarelli V1200S was...

Cifarelli: certified quality for international markets

Raffaele Cifarelli formed his company in Voghera in 1967 and became a vital part of the district's industrial fabric by specializing in research and innovation. The manufacturer's strong points are their technologies and what is described as "the total cost of ownership"

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