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Efficiency and comfort for the new Cifarelli shakers

by the editorial staff
November 2015 | Back

The SC605 shaker from Cifarelli in Voghera in the Pavia Province was presented at Agrilevante. The new machine flanks the SC800 model, designed especially for professionals in the sector, provides light weight and greater comfort for the harvest of olives and other fruit. Operating in olive groves with the new SC605 shaker, the manufacturer reported that 2,000 to 2,500 kg can be harvested per day, depending on the type of pruning and olive variety, with a fall rate of up to 95% of the fruit from the trees. The frequency of the strokes, at some 2,200 per minute, and a special hook make certain that no damage is done to the trees or buds.

This Cifarelli shaker is a machine suitable for all users, without limits of age, thanks to the combination of numerous ergonomic components that improve user comfort, weight brought down to 11.3 kg, adjustable handles equipped with an anti-vibration system, leg protection, padded shoulder straps and a left hand front handle. All these features coupled with a powerful Model C5 52 cc two-stroke engine especially designed for shakers, ensures efficient, comfortable and speedy harvesting. The long lifespan and high yield of the shaker guarantee a great return on an investment in the machine made by semi-professionals, small producers and hobbyist end-users.  


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