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Cifarelli: hooving nuts, power and comfort

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2014 | Back

A user-friendly nut harvester that can become a backpack device when the terrain gets tough is the main novelty to be unveiled by Voghera-based Cifarelli at the 2014 EIMA industrial fair.

The designers’ main aim with the Cifarelli V1200S was improved comfort for the operator. The power unit is a two-stroke, 77cc, 5HP C7 Cifarelli engine. The hopper holds up to 20 litres of material.

The main design focus has been devoted to the backpack mode: careful moulding of the frame to fit the back, extremely light aluminium for all metal parts, an innovative grip, and a fully flexible suction hose, resulting hopefully in ‘no stress’ for the operator.

In a further help for operators, emptying the hopper is quick and easy. Without even doffing the device, the side walls open downwards to channel the harvest. Emptying is also made all the easier when it comes to cleaning the hopper, with a standard link for water pipes to wash the fan.

There is a patented system to separate the harvest from light extraneous material such as leaves. An optional is the trolley where the harvester can be put if the terrain is flat and easy and no need is felt for backpack use.

The machine is billed as suited for hoovering up all nut and nut-like crops: hazel and walnuts, chestnuts, almonds, pistachios, acorns and even olives.



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