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RF3 by Fontana, a quality harvester

by Fabrizio Sereni
October - November 2018 | Back

The Fontana company, a manufacturing company based in Crescentino (Vercelli), arrives at the EIMA International exhibition by launching a new green bean harvesting machine, the RF3. As the manufacturer explains with a technical note, this is a mounted single-row application, designed for the fresh produce market. The new Fontana harvester is a working tool especially suited to companies in the horticultural sector, which do not use large areas of land but who still need daily harvesting. Characterized by a total weight of about 760 kg and a 30/50 horsepower requirement, the RF3 model is equipped with a three-point hitch with hydraulic shifter (to centre the harvesting row), oversized fan shaft, cardan shaft and attached limiter. The company from Crescentino has equipped this harvesting machine with two front support wheels and two adjustable rear wheels for the harvesting height, as well as a belt for conveying and unloading on a tray. “The harvesting - reads the manufacturer’s note - is performed using the rotation of a reel that ‘combs’ the green bean plant: the waste, i.e. grass and leaves, is blown away, while the product falls gently on the conveyor belt and is carried into the boxes”. If necessary, you can still select the product harvested onto a special sorting bench, where the operator can clean the crop from the last residues (soil or small stones) or discard the smaller pieces. The RF3 model’s collection capacity is 100/300 kg per hour.


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