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Hortech, a complete range for horticulture

The Paduan company lands at the Bolognese event with all the most prized products from its range. A line of applications designed to meet the different needs of the horticultural sector, from soil preparation to harvesting

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2018 | Back

Slide Eco is an electric harvesting machine intended for leafy vegetable crops. Designed and built by the Paduan company Hortech (headquartered in Agna, between Padua, Rovigo and Chioggia), the Slide Eco model has an electric motor that develops a power of 30 KW. The engine is powered by a battery with an autonomy of 14 hours of actual work, rechargeable in just three hours with a 10A cable (supplied) that can be connected to a 220V household socket. The battery - specifies the manufacturer with a technical note - has an estimated average life of 1,500 recharge cycles, corresponding to four years of ongoing work. The Slide Eco harvester stands out for a steering range up to 45/47 degrees and for the man-presence platform, which is activated by the pressure exerted on it by the weight of the operator. Also in the harvesting segment, Slide Valeriana Eco is an electric machine specifically dedicated to harvesting Valerian. It comes with an electric steering (the turning radius is 75°) and an automated system for loading and unloading the product (into the bin), managed by a PLC computer (Programmable Logic Controller) and by a microprocessor made by Hortech. But the real highlights of this machine are the latest generation three-phase asynchronous motors - brushless, not requiring maintenance - while the new 450 A/h and 48 V batteries (the charger is integrated) have a maximum operation time of 16 hours. On the other hand, the harvesting of baby leaf, arugula, spinach and all leafy products (grown in greenhouses or in open fields) are handled by the self-propelled Slide FW XL. The machine has a load capacity of more than a thousand kilos, a latest generation hydraulic system and four steering wheels that facilitate manoeuvring even in the tightest spaces. Slide FW XL is a very versatile work tool, which can count on a wide range of accessories, such as - for example - the tapes for harvesting leafy products in bunches, the vibrating carpet for clearing impurities and the shading roof. In the suction segment, Hortech offers the Hoover XL, a machine designed for the cleaning crop residues and leaves. An evolution of Hoover Maxi, Hoover XL is equipped with an expanded residue box that can be lifted up to two metres from the ground for tipping and for the subsequent unloading of the material (also on a trailer). Instead, with the AI Maxi DG model, the Paduan company consolidates itself in the ridging machine sector. This is a machine capable of carrying out soil preparation work on both heavy and moist soils. To do so it uses a double steel grille (an Hortech patent) that self-cleans while working, gradually burying the clods. In this way a soft, leveled soil is obtained without any superficial residues. “In order to be even more effective - the manufacturer explains - it is possible to work with 2 or 3 AI Maxi DG ridging machines applied to an Airone folding frame”. Five models make up the Hortech ridging machine line (AI Maxi DG 120, 140, 150, 160, 170, 190), which can be implemented with a wide range of accessories from the fertilizer distributor to the hydraulic compacting roller. Finally, in the spotlight, the Practica Midi transplanting machine, characterized by a parallelogram structure and an automatic plowing system, which facilitates operations and cuts down on working time. Practica Midi is also equipped with a single platform plant holder, compacting wheels and an 8-cup round transplanting element with interval movement.



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