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Towed and knapsack atomizers and mist-sprayers: applications in gardening

Herbicide, pesticide and fertilizer treatments on small surfaces, such as gardens and green areas equipped, require hand-worn equipment from operators. From spraying pumps to atomizers, there are many models available today and suitable for every need, often equipped with instruments and control elements that allow optimal performance of the work. The systems' greater accuracy and calibration must be combined with individual protection devices to protect the operator from the risk of getting in touch with the substances used

Atomizers with product recovery, an eco-friendly solution

The recent introduction of legislation that addresses the need to establish compliance bands between the sites being treated and sensitive sites (inhabited areas, cycle paths, water courses, etc.) has stimulated the manufacturers to produce a number of environmentally friendly sprayers, equipped with a sort of "tunnel" inside which the crop is treated

MIG 24 ZP towed atomizer by Ricosma

The new MIG 24 ZP is an ideal vehicle for tight spaces thanks to its double articulation. The electrostatic system guarantees a perfect leaf structure coverage, to the benefit of productivity and environmental safety

Cifarelli: new ULV system

ULV is the name of the new Cifarelli accessory developed for the M1200 atomizer. With this innovative system, the atomizer allows a calibrated and uniform treatment without wasting product, making this versatile and comfortable machine an ideal tool for professionals....

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