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Reduced energy consumption for the blowers by AMA Group

by Giovanni M. Losavio
February - March 2016 | Back

Specializing in the development of high tech solutions for the preparation and maintenance of low-speed vehicles, agricultural machinery and landscaping technologies, the AMA Group is present in the blowers and aspirators market segment with a broad and diverse range, able to meet the needs of both hobbyists and professionals. The AMA Garden AG2-BLV model - for example - is a light and handy machine, equipped with a 26 cc engine that stands out for performance, low vibrations, and frugality of consumption.

The other blower signed by the company from San Martino in Rio (Reggio Emilia) - the AG4-BLV ideal for processing leaves, grass clippings, and waste - is instead equipped with a 24.5 cc four-stroke engine that delivers an air volume equal to 0.15 m3 per second and which, like the AG2-BLV model, is notable for productivity, light weight, and ergonomics. Turning to the shoulder tools, here too the AMA Group can boast two bestsellers.

The first is the KBL 500 blower which, thanks to its 52 cc engine, ensures exceptional performance on leaves, grass clippings and waste, with minimal vibrations and fuel consumption. The KBL 800 is the top of the AMA Group range. Its 80cc engine offers “top of the class” productivity (it delivers an air volume of 0.4 m3 per second) without raising the fuel consumption bar. Of course, all the blowers of the AMA Garden line comply with European directives on exhaust and noise emissions. You can see the whole range on the AMA website



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