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Cutting-edge materials for Emak brushcutters

by Giacomo Di Paola
July - August - September 2018 | Back

Their names are Efco DS 2410 S and Oleo-Mac BC 241 S, and they are two new light brushcutters distributed in Italy by Emak from Bagnolo in Piano (Reggio Emilia). These two machines’ ideal field of application is the finishing and cleaning of road edges, but they also offer top-level performance in the maintenance of private gardens or in public landscaping (over very large surfaces). Designed to combine performance, compactness and manoeuvring agility, the Efco DS 2410 S and Oleo-Mac BC 241 S lightweight brushcutters come with an even sturdier engine, designed to deliver constant torque and power even at lower speeds. Therefore - explains a technical note from the Emilia-based company - the engine is able to offer a better work capacity. Another strong point is the innovative Speed&Go head, a facilitated loading system that allows you to replace the wire in just 10 seconds.

The refill, explains the manufacturer, takes place through a pre-wound disk that is ready to use: just open the head, insert the wire disk, close the head, and the machines are ready for use.

The high-quality nylon thread is valued for its precision and cutting efficiency, while the frame has a structure composed of a copolymer reinforced with glass fibre, which guarantees maximum resistance to impacts and wear even in the most challenging uses.

Efco DS 2410 S and Oleo-Mac BC 241 S also stand out for their low weight, optimal balance and ergonomic grip, thanks to which they can contain the vibrations produced by the engine. In short, these newly-launched machines by Emak make it possible to obtain professional results in every operation, but above all they help reduce stress for the operator.



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