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Alpego technologies for soil processing

by Fabrizio Sereni
July - August - September 2018 | Back

This year, once again Alpego of Lonigo (Vicenza) responded with conviction to the rendez-vous in Eima Show 2018. The following machines worked in the fields of Casalina.

Megacraker KX Series. It is a 9-anchor folding subsoiler with a working width of 4 metres and a footprint of only 2.5 metres during road transport. A sturdy but lightweight machine (built with SSAB steel), it is suitable for high power tractors. Offered with a control system for the working depth formed by the crossed hydraulic circuit and by the parallelogram of the double franter roller.

IZ inverse mill stone buriers. Designed for tractors with up to 300 horsepower, the Alpego reverse mill cutter comes with an innovative central gear transmission, which ensures the distribution of rotary power uniformly on the two semi-rotors. Thanks to this technology, the machine stands out for reliability, low power consumption and small dimensions. In addition, the reverse rotation allows the burial of rocks and crop residues, keeping on the surface soil suitable for all types of sowing.

Fertidrill ASF. It is a pneumatic frontal seed drill combined with a rotary harrow (DMAX model) with a working width of 5 metres. The 1400-litre stainless steel front hopper is equipped with the versatile DOSAL volumetric dosage dispenser (also made of stainless steel, compatible with a large quantity of seeds) designed to offer maximum reliability, while the Alpetronic control unit assures the quantity management and real-time monitoring of work operations. The sowing bar, on the other hand, is permanently loaded up to 60 kg and is positioned on silent block. This keeps maintenance at a minimum, with great durability over time. Lastly, the rotary harrow is equipped with rotors on Twin Force tapered roller bearings, and is offered with a maximum power requirement of 500 horsepower and with a working width of up to 8 metres.


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