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Alpego technologies for soil processing

This year, once again Alpego of Lonigo (Vicenza) responded with conviction to the rendez-vous in Eima Show 2018. The following machines worked in the fields of Casalina. Megacraker KX Series. It is a 9-anchor folding subsoiler with a working width...

Soil processing: the complete Forigo range

At the EIMA Show, the spotlight is on the soil processing technologies of the Mantuan company Forigo (headquartered in Ostiglia, not far from the provincial capital). It starts with the Deeperino 300 sterilizer, a passive machine for the application of...

Working the soil: a great Kuhn range

Kuhn presented the new Performer 4000 flagship range of deep working cultivators at the Casalina farm. These cultivators are designed to prepare the soil after harvest with one single passage. The versatile Performers manufactured by the French company can also be equipped with tools for a variety of operations

Maschio Gaspardo, a complete range for soil tillage

The Dracula cultivator, the Toro harrow and the Pantera tiller are just some of the protagonists of the Umbrian event, all equipment of the Paduan company which has always offered a wide choice of models for every type of soil processing

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