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Working the soil: a great Kuhn range

Kuhn presented the new Performer 4000 flagship range of deep working cultivators at the Casalina farm. These cultivators are designed to prepare the soil after harvest with one single passage. The versatile Performers manufactured by the French company can also be equipped with tools for a variety of operations

by Giovanni M. Losavio
July - August - September 2018 | Back

Kuhn brought out new technologies for soil preparations during the EIMA Show machinery field tries beginning with the prized Performer 4000 cultivators capable of deep working with one single passage. Two rows of discs 510 mm in diameter ensure excellent cutting of residues along the entire width of the cultivator and four rows of tines for deep loosening and mixing of the soil across the 4 meter width of the machine. The Performers 4000 also offer a range of independent operations carried out by various tools, from surface weeding, deep work and subsoiling.

The operator has the option to use only the discs or the Cultimer L type tines or use the tines in combination with various types of components, 50 to 80 mm tips and fins in carbide to move from superficial work with fins to subsoiling with straight tips.

Equipment for the Kuhn cultivators includes a row of levelling discs which adapt to soil morphology for refined levelling and the HD-Liner 700 roller with a V profile for excellent tamping, even heavy soil due to the crenellated profile.

In the same sector Kuhn rolled out the Cultimer L 6000 tine stubble cultivator, a robust and versatile machine capable of carrying out surface operations to 4 to 7 cm deep, medium depth work 10 to 20 cm and plowing down to 35 cm deep.

The Cultimer L is equipped with a duck foot share for coping with surface stubble and 80 mm tips used with or without fins for medium deep soil work and 50 mm for deep work. With this operation, the Kuhn cultivator is able to mix straw into the soil to hasten the decomposition of vegetable residues.

The a working width is 6 meters and power of up to 420 Hp and the Cultimer L 6000 can provide two safety options, a mechanical safety device with double 600 kg springs or traction bolt safety. Also on show was the Kuhn was the HR 6040 R Rotary Harrow built for tractors with a maximum of 460 Hp. A strong point of this model is the KTS 20 CPU which reduces risk of a breakdown leading to downtime for the machine. The Kuhn catalogue reported, “In the case of oil overheating an alarm sounds to immediately warn the operator in the cab who can intervene in time to take the precautions necessary to avoid mechanical damage.” The HR 6040 R is fitted with large conical roller bearings sealed in disengaged secure housing on each lateral transmission.

Also noteworthy is the cooling system with synthetic oil in a central gearbox and the shift of the box to the rear of the application to increase the length of the PTO to reduce the work angle.


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