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Modula Pro, an electric machinery for quincunx sowing

The new "Pro" version of the Modula model is appreciated for the innovative quincunx seeding management system, the device for the laying of the mulching film with mechanized and automated operations at the beginning and end of the field, the system to store and transfer work data

Soil processing: the complete Forigo range

At the EIMA Show, the spotlight is on the soil processing technologies of the Mantuan company Forigo (headquartered in Ostiglia, not far from the provincial capital). It starts with the Deeperino 300 sterilizer, a passive machine for the application of...

Soil preparation: complete work with Forigo implements

The DEEPER-ino 300 sterilizer by Forigo manufacturer in Mantua works to the depth of 8 to 35 centimeters with a strong on hydraulics plant and speeds at great as 7 kilometers/h with an on board tank with a capacity of...

Zaragoza FIMA golden anniversary

FIMA, the Spanish exhibition for agricultural machinery this year celebrates 50 years of activity. 1200 exhibitors are expected to showcase on a surface of 133,000 m² and display the latest innovations in the sector

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