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Modula Farm, technologies for controlled agriculture

At EIMA 2022, the Reggio Emilia-based company Modula (based in Salvaterra di Casalgrande), which specialises in the production of automatic storage warehouses, presented the new Modula Farm, a vertical storage system with drawers for growing strawberries and other high value...

Modula Pro, an electric machinery for quincunx sowing

The new "Pro" version of the Modula model is appreciated for the innovative quincunx seeding management system, the device for the laying of the mulching film with mechanized and automated operations at the beginning and end of the field, the system to store and transfer work data

Anti-collision device for the Modula blade

Modula is the name of a snowplough blade in sectors, designed and built by Annovi Aldo, a company based in Corlo di Formigine (Modena), which can boast a well-established experience in this market segment. Available both with three-point hitch for...

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