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Maschio Gaspardo, a complete range for soil tillage

The Dracula cultivator, the Toro harrow and the Pantera tiller are just some of the protagonists of the Umbrian event, all equipment of the Paduan company which has always offered a wide choice of models for every type of soil processing

by Fabrizio Sereni
July - August - September 2018 | Back

A regular guest of the Eima Show, Maschio Gaspardo arrived at Casalina di Deruta with the flagships of its range of machines for working the soil. The following are all the models in detail.

Dracula. This tiller is equipped with front discs, teeth, levellers and rear roller, that is to say with everything you need not only to manage crop residues and to aerate the soil, but also to level the soil and prepare the seedbed.  The Maschio Gaspardo combined can perform both surface and deep plowing (up to 30 centimetres) and is offered in two versions: Dracula 430 has a power requirement in the range of 280-360 horsepower, for a working width of 4.3 metres; Dracula 630 reaches six metres thirty (working width) and is characterized by a power requirement from a minimum of 330 to a maximum of 550 horsepower.

Toro. The Venetian house offers three versions (500, 600, 700) of this veritable “heavyweight” in its category, the Toro harrow. With a power requirement of 160 to 400 horsepower and a working width of 5, 6 and 7 metres, the application stands out for its sturdy mechanics based on Bearing spherical roller bearings, for lateral cardan joints with cam limiter and for the quick release of the blades. The side speed changes are air cooled to handle with ease the longest shifts, even during the hottest days.

Artiglio. This subsoiler is designed for the sturdiest tractors (the power requirement starts from 150 horsepower, reaching 390 horsepower) capable of working at a maximum depth of 55 centimetres. Six versions are available, which stand out for their power, working width, and number of anchors (up to 11). But the real benefit of this line of machines is the fully welded frame, which allow the Maschio Gaspardo subsoiler to withstand the most demanding traction efforts, while the shearing bolts protect the machine from any possible impact with underground obstacles. In addition, the high ground clearance (90 cm) and the sides with the innovative “wave” design optimize the flow of soil and residues below the application, thus avoiding the risk of possible blockages.

The double rear roller can be adjusted hydraulically directly from the driver’s seat.

Pantera. In this case, this is a folding tiller intended for “heavy duty” operations. From the constructive point of view, the five models of the Pantera line (power requirement from 200 to 380 horsepower and working widths from 4.28 to 6.28 metres) are presented with a sturdy yet light frame - thanks to the front single-beam structure - and with a hydraulic cooling system for the gearbox (ensuring high efficiency even in the most demanding conditions). We should also mention that the benefits of the Pantera range also include the 114 mm rotor, the reinforced rear bonnet and the large diameter rear rollers (up to 600 mm), which, equipped with a hydraulic adjustment system, enable the optimal preparation of the seedbed, under any climatic and operational condition.


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