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Harrows, the New Alpego Range

by the editorial staff
February 2014 | Back

Alpego, the leading maker of farm equipment from Gambellara near Vicenza, added further confirmation of its attachment to innovation with a new series of fixed and folding power harrows that can be combined with seed broadcasters. The five, strikingly styled new models, the fixed Rotodent BD, BE, BF and RM and the folding DJ are available in a range of powers and dimensions to suit all customers, the power varying from 50-170 HP and up to 220 HP for the DJ.
The fixed harrows have a choice of working widths: 180, 230, 250, 300 and 350 Super cm. The widths available for the DJ are: 360, 400, 460 Super and 500 Super cm. The maximum working depth is 250 mm. The transmission system is by ball bearings and Twin Force conical rollers. These give a greater yield, even at high power.
Compared to a normal harrow, the maximum structural rigidity of the pair of rotors working reciprocally, makes it possible to increase the height of the gear trough from the ground to 500 mm. Reliability is a strong point. The frame is enlarged and strengthened, with the addition of a lower high-resistance steel pipe support to ensure big performance at a low weight.
Other Alpego novelties are the integrated protection of the trough cover, reinforced steel alloy tine mount, boosted transmission gears and latest generation universal joint. Also worth mentioning is depth regulation, which is handled by the company's parallelogram system in the medium and large harrows. This keeps the rear roller constantly at the same degree of inclination and ensures that the levelling bar is constantly correctly adjusted.


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