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From seeders to fertilizer spreaders, the whole Alpego range

by Giovanni M. Losavio
November 2015 | Back

At Agritechnica the spotlight is on the Rotal system, a device for the heads of pneumatic seeders for cereals produced by Alpego with the aim of significantly reducing (by up to 50%) errors of alignment between the seed rows, even on sloped terrain. Such errors - explained Alpego in a technical note - are usually caused by the inclination of the application’s heads and an uneven distribution of air/seed flow inside the transport tubes. The solution devised by the company from Gambellara with the Rotal device was to adopt a rotating helical structure which, along with the rotational movement, alleviates considerably the disturbances of the pneumatic system of the seeder. As specified by the manufacturer, the Rotal system requires neither an external power supply nor maintenance. Still on the subject of innovative construction, the Venetian brand presents a new range of tillers in the soil-working machine segment. The Caiman models (fixed, foldable and towed version), with a three-rank elastic and reliable structure, are able to perform optimally any interventions of soil mixing with a working depth of between 5 and 30 centimetres. The Caiman tillers can be equipped with two types of anchors: Top-Spring with double-spring safety system for high speed work on uneven, stony or very hard soil, and Top-Mecc with bolt safety system for loose soil without stones. Finally, in the field of fertilization, Alpego presents Fertidrill. This is an application with ASF front hopper suitable for combined use to sow cereals (up to a width of 6 metres, with a harrow or directly with the seeding bar), and for spreading fertilizer in combination with a single-seed drill or hoeing machine.  Constructed with stainless steel material, Fertidrill has a volumetric doser, also steel, which can be adjusted for use with large and small seeds. Sowing is managed electronically by computer and speed is detected by radar.

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