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Twin Force Maxi technology for Alpego harrows

by Fabrizio Sereni
May - June 2015 | Back

Totally new for the power harrows by Alpego in Gambellara, near Vicenza, is the Twin Force Maxi system which has evolved from the tried and tested Twin Force deployed by for some time by the Veneto manufacturer featuring not only a new monobloc tine shaft in hardened steel and rotors mounted on oversize tapered bearings but also innovative forged tines assembled in precise sequence on two 20 mm diameter bolts, the biggest in the category, as well as a thickened gear trough. Of course the Maxi version carries all the benefits of Twin Force technology beginning with the architecture of construction, that is, the monobloc bolted to the transmission trough made of die cast steel inside of which are two rotor supports working integrally on tapered roller bearings. Thanks to this design solution Alpego has been able to increase the structural rigidity of their harrows and thus enhance resistance to mechanical stress and lengthen the lifespan of the machine without compromising performance in operation. The design of this Twin Force technology has also allowed the manufacturer to raise the ground clearance of their troughs to some 500 mm, compared to 400 mm now in use, and the earth socket intake to enable the harrow to carry out operations which are unusual for these machines. These innovations makes it possible to work to greater depths, much deeper compared to traditional harrows, and to operate on wet and demanding surfaces, attack large clods and crop residues, push large amounts of soil ahead of the rotors while leaving levelled surfaces.  


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