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Fertidrill AsmaX, high performance on slopes

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2016 | Back

It’s called Fertidrill AsmaX, a multi-purpose seed drill made by Alpego. This machine was awarded a mention in the competition “EIMA Technical Innovation 2016” at EIMA International. It comes with a stainless steel hopper of large capacity (depending on requirements, it can be divided into two volumes of variable size), two distributors with independent volumetric dosing (also of stainless steel), with a hydro-pneumatic product transport system (seeds and/or fertilizers), designed to deliver top performance. However, the real strength of Fertidrill AsmaX is represented by the electronic management of the application, which, thanks to Isobus technology, allows the user to check directly on the tractor’s display the dosage (with an electric motor) and the dosage tests, the driving speed (radar or GPS), and the functional operation of the drill, step by step. The distribution heads of the Fertidrill AsmaX are positioned in the rear of the machine and provide for various types of configuration, depending on the type of product to be spread or the particular needs of the operator. By the way, the distribution heads are equipped with the patented system Turbo ROTAL, developed by the Vicenza company with the aim of spreading the product evenly even on steeply sloping terrain. As explained by a manufacturer’s technical note, the helical shape of the impeller, combined with the rotary motion of the device, enables a considerable reduction in errors caused by the tilting of the heads and the air/seed flow in the transport pipe. Moreover, thanks to an individual disk bar integrated in a suspension system on tyres, Fertidrill AsmaX is able to reach very high pressures and thus ensure a constant seeding depth even on very difficult terrain.


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