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Alpego: the RmaX fixed harrow practical and reliable

by Giovanni M. Losavio
January/February 2015 | Back

A reinforced frame, a setup for combined operation with an Alpego seed drill, ample lateral flanks, rear sheet steel protection, a protection system for central universal joint,  quick release for drop forged tines and depth control of tines. These are the strong points of the RmaX fixed model version of the Dmax folding rotary harrow built by the manufacturer Alpego, near Vicenza, and launched at the most recent edition of EIMA International. The fixed RmaX harrow, on the other hand, will be presented to the public at the upcoming SIMA agricultural show in Paris where operators in the sector will have the opportunity to lay hands on the technological innovation solutions proposed by the Veneto company for their new harrow. Among these noteworthy features are the new drop forged tines equipped with the biggest mounting system in the category – two 20 mm bolts for which the manufacturer has provided a quick release device. The RmaX model is, of course, equipped with the advantageous Alpego Twin Force transmission system now equipped with a monoblock tine-carrying shaft in wear resistant steel mounted on supports with increased torque tapered bearings to make the machine more robust and reliable. A communique released by the manufacturer in Gambellara said the Twin Force technology consists of two rotors mounted on tapered bearings held together by a single support bolted under the transmission. This special design creates a high clearance under the transmission housing. Thanks to this advanced transmission system the RmaX, as well as all the models in the Max series, enable end-users to work the soil at greater speeds to and achieve a soil mix better than what is left by a traditional harrow. Other benefits ensured by the Twin Force system cited by the manufacturer are less wear on the harrow along with speedy and facilitated maintenance operations.   


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