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Idromeccanica Bertolini in New Delhi with a complete range of pumps

by Giacomo Di Paola
december 2013 | Back

Idromeccanica Bertolini headquartered in Reggio Emilia, founded back in 1918, is arriving at Eima Agrimach with selections from their range of diaphragm pumps built for the agricultural operations of plant treatment and fertilization, spraying and weeding. In the low pressure category, attention will be focused on Polypumps, a series carrying an international patent given to Bertolini. These pumps are built with prized materials, especially the parts coming into contact with chemical products made of polypropylene and AISI 316 stainless steel to withstand the most aggressive chemical and acid solutions. The Minipoly Series operates at a capacity of 22 to 27 l/min and the Poly 2000 Series at 75 to 400 l/min. The PA lineup in the medium/high power category works at pressure of 40 bar.

The medium pressure PPS pumps, at 40 bar and with a capacity of 100 to 147 l/min, feature exclusive technology with 4 piston/diaphragms and construction which ensures excellent mechanical balance with four independent accumulators located directly under the pump body for optimum regulation of the flow. The parts coming into contact with chemical products are made of polypropylene and AISI 316 stainless steel and the valves are located in the pump chamber for limiting negative space and boosting suction capacity. The new entries to this line are the PPS 1613-1615 models with capacities of 130 and 147 l/min. In the high pressure area are the diaphragm pumps in the PA/S Series with elevated capacities from 90 to 180 l/min at 50 bar pressure with the parts in contact with chemicals in anodized aluminum. These pumps are fitted with a circular accumulator assembly which acts directly on the element which delivers the metered flow and not on the single conduit points of discharge.

Also highlighted will be the IDB high pressure piston/diaphragm pumps delivering high volumes and pressure with 3/4/5 piston/diaphragms for capacities from 110 to 220 l/min. Aside from the Bertolini great range and production capabilities for all capacities and pressures described above, the company provides alternatives in the form of the 3/6 piston in-line ceramic pumps in the C-CK Series with capacities of 220 l/min at pressure of up to 70 bar.

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