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Bertoni's T6, the eco-compatible sprayer

by Giacomo Di Paola
October - November 2014 | Back

Awarded at Eima International with a technical recommendation, the T6 is a tunnel sprayer designed by Bertoni from Castel Bolognese (Ravenna) to make phytosanitary treatments of six rows and work in crops with an inter-row distance up to one meter. In particular, it is a trailed model distinguished by a double rear-wheels handling system – with a mechanical device for width setting and hydraulic for height – designed in order to give more stability to the model, both inside of the rows and in maneuver stage. The product mixture is entrusted to a diaphgram pump, driven by the PTO (Power Take Off) of the tractor through a driveshaft, while a dynamo (a 26 Volt “Brushless”, without batteries) provides the power which is necessary to supply both the three diaphgram electric pumps in charge of recovering the product and the electric ventilators positioned inside the panels. “The electric ventilators – explains with a technical note the business from Ravenna – are perpendicular to the rows. They can exploit the aspiration to retrieve the product, and the flow to convey it on the plants. In this way, an air vortex is produced which not only optimizes the penetration of phytosanitary treatments but also ensures a homogeneous product distribution”. The technology developed by Bertoni implies therefore many advantages, especially for productivity. Today, in nurseries are mainly used cannon sprayers or boom sparyers, which move along dedicated “roads” made in the cultivated areas. With the T6 model instead, these operations become unnecessary because the machine is capable of climbing over the rows during processing. The new born in the Bertoni family allows to rationalize the use of the soil with a 25% gain in terms of cultivated surface (according to manufacturer's data). But the T6 is also an “eco-friendly” machine. “The sprayer's electrical supply, very innovative for the agricultural sector, not only has a power requirement of barely 15 horse power, but is also less noisy, remaining below 80 dB”. Benefits to which are added those of the system “L'Arcobaleno” (The Rainbow), that allows to increase the deposit, and therefore significantly reduce the consumption of chemicals.  


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