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Drift Recovery: eco-sustainable mist-sprayers from Agricolmeccanica

by Giacomo Di Paola
January 2014 | Back

Respect for the environment, assurance of full conformity with regulations on polluting emissions, lowing the cost of operations by reducing the quantity of the plant treatment product, high quality operation thanks to fan regulation and option to spray in the presence of wind are the strong points of the Fruit Drift Recovery 1000 and Drift Recovery 2000 mist-sprayers from Agricolmeccanica in Torviscosa, near Udine. Both models are equipped with external oscillating screens with systems for the recovery of plant treatment product not deposited on the foliage and the Drift Recovery 2000 is the only sprayer tunnel given certification by Enama, the Italian National Agricultural Mechanization Agency. From the construction point of view, the two machines mount four recovery devices on the screens with drip separators at unit panels and four tipover recovery tanks for flushing and easy cleaning and two pumps, the main pump for spraying and an auxiliary pump for the management of the product recovered, plus an electro-hydraulic system for opening and closing the screens. Another independent electro-hydraulic system with its own oil tank operates the fans and regulates their rpm. The brain behind the operation of the two sprayers is the Computer Spray Control which not only manages the programed opening and closing, the quantity of product in the tank, forward speed, liters sprayed and reads an outside temperature sensor but also processes information on the distribution of the plant treatment product. The operator can access all the data by using a Spray Control port to download everything to a USB drive. Moreover, when the machine reaches the row head, the computer deploys the electro-hydraulic system to automatically lift the second axle the sprayers are equipped with to lessen compaction of the soil. The entire Drift Recovery range equipped with hydraulic brakes, a steering bar and hydraulic shutdown system is in compliance with European standards for travel on public roads. The latest new feature from Agricolmeccanica is a third axle for operating on waterlogged terrain.

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