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NEB COMPACT T T, performance and safety

Agricolmeccanica is a Friuli-based company (headquartered in Torviscosa, Udine), known under the brand name Friuli Sprayers, that designs and manufactures a wide range of agricultural equipment, including innovative drift recovery tunnel sprayers, electrostatic pneumatic sprayers, radial and tangential sprayers. At...

Friuli Sprayers, the compact sprayers

Founded in 1960 and known under the brand name Friuli Sprayers, the Friulian company Agricolmeccanica, based in Torviscosa, in the province of Udine, designs and manufactures tunnel sprayers for drift recovery, electrostatic pneumatic sprayers, and radial and tangential sprayers. At...

Agricolmeccanica, 4.0 pneumatic sprayers

The Friuli company Agricolmeccanica completes its range. The Torviscosa (Udine) company, owner of the Friuli Sprayers brand, expands its line with a series of pneumatic tangential turret sprayers, available in the mounted versions with capacities of 400, 600 and 800...

Air Tandem 2000 Noceto, a sprayer for nut orchards

Air Tandem 2000 Noceto is a sprayer developed expressly by the Friuli company Agricolmeccanica (the headquarters are in Torviscosa, in the province of Udine) for the cultivation of walnuts. "This type of cultivation - explains the company with a technical...

Drift Recovery 3000, a computerized sprayer

In the exhibition area at Eima International 2014, the tunnel-sprayers by Azienda Agricolmeccanica from Torviscosa (Udine) promise to catch the visitors' attention. Yet appreciated on both Italian and foreign markets for their “green technology” – thanks to a product recycling...

Drift Recovery: eco-sustainable mist-sprayers from Agricolmeccanica

Respect for the environment, assurance of full conformity with regulations on polluting emissions, lowing the cost of operations by reducing the quantity of the plant treatment product, high quality operation thanks to fan regulation and option to spray in the...

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