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Friuli Sprayers, the compact sprayers

by Giacomo Di Paola
October 2021 | Back

Founded in 1960 and known under the brand name Friuli Sprayers, the Friulian company Agricolmeccanica, based in Torviscosa, in the province of Udine, designs and manufactures tunnel sprayers for drift recovery, electrostatic pneumatic sprayers, and radial and tangential sprayers.

At EIMA 2021, the Friuli-based manufacturer will be presenting the DRIFT RECOVERY VVER 600 sprayers, suitable for rows from 140 to 220 cm, and the VVEL 600/1000 for rows from 180 to 260 cm. This model is equipped with a semi-mounted articulated turbine unit (to optimise headland steering), MRP2 computer with seven programmes, and an Agriculture 4.0 interconnection system, features that are also common to the VVEL 600/1000 model. The Drift Recovery VVER 600 sprayer will be on show at the Bologna exhibition, having won a special mention in the Technical Innovation competition at EIMA 2021 with its very compact size, which allow it to work on rows of 1.4 to 2.2 metres.

In the Agricolmeccanica exhibition spaces, the spotlight will also be on NEB TRIS, a low-medium volume three-stage overhead sprayer, designed to reduce the number of passages between rows and therefore the time needed for operations. The machine is proposed by the Friuli-based manufacturer with a trellis structure - it has a 300 mm lift, two cylinders for opening and closing the arms, two cylinders for attaching diffusers to the rows (from 2.5 to. 3, 1 metres), thirty-six anti-drip nozzles on stainless steel wire - with a high-efficiency centrifugal ventilation system, three tangential stainless steel tower conveyors with twelve diffusers.

In addition to the agriculture 4.0 interconnection system, NEB TRIS is also equipped with an electrostatic device that increases the efficiency of pesticide treatments and increases the uniformity of coverage by recovering the mist that forms above the vegetation.



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