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NEB COMPACT T T, performance and safety

by Giacomo Di Paola
October - November 2022 | Back

Agricolmeccanica is a Friuli-based company (headquartered in Torviscosa, Udine), known under the brand name Friuli Sprayers, that designs and manufactures a wide range of agricultural equipment, including innovative drift recovery tunnel sprayers, electrostatic pneumatic sprayers, radial and tangential sprayers. At EIMA International spotlight is on the NEB COMPACT T T model for low-volume pneumatic spraying.

Available with 800-, 1,000-, 1,500- and 2,000-liter polyethylene tanks, NEB COMPACT T T can boast top-notch construction features such as the electrostatic charging device, the high-efficiency, double-suction fan, and the tangential tower conveyor (in stainless steel) provided in the 1,500 mm 5+5-diffuser, 1,950 mm 7+7-diffuser and 2,400 mm 9+9-diffuser versions.

Agricolmeccanica's latest is type-approved for road circulation and is equipped with agriculture 4.0 technologies such as an interconnection system and the ISOBUS protocol.

Like almost all Friuli Spray machines, the NEB COMPACT T T sprayer is also ENAMA/ENTAM certified, attesting compliance with strict safety standards.


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