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The high performance of Caron transporters

Agility, performance and comfort are the common features of the new products that Caron, a company specialising in the production of transporters, will be presenting at EIMA 2022. Taking centre stage will be the new AR/ST series of motorised tractors,...

Complete restyling for the Caron range

Visitors to EIMA will be able to discover many new features at the stand of Caron, a Vicenza-based company specialising in the construction of road transport vehicles. It starts with the new version of the CTKM Series transporters, now equipped...

Caron anniversary: a new brand identity

  The stylized face of a squirrel, with strong lines and a design with a high-tech flavour. This is the new logo that the Vicenza-based company Caron (the headquarters are in Pianezze) inaugurated for its 60th anniversary. To complete the...

Caron new series with Euro 6 engines

The Vicenza-based company Caron continues developing its range with the renewal of the transporter series. The CT models with rigid axles and CTS/CTA, equipped with overlapping triangles suspension, self-levelling and lockable on both axles or only on the front axle...

CTK 77 and 80 by Caron: compact size, high performance

EIMA International 2016, the manufacturer Caron displays the models that represent the entire all-terrain vehicle range. The result of a specific design of the gears and axles, these vehicles ensure the highest stability in every working condition. In addition to...

High-tech suspensions for new Caron off-road vehicles

Technological innovation is at home in the Fieragricola exhibition area taken over by Caron in Pianezza where the manufacturer is launching a new series of off-road vehicles, the CTS and CTA with power at up to 110 HP and...

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