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CTK 77 and 80 by Caron: compact size, high performance

by the editorial staff
October - November 2016 | Back

EIMA International 2016, the manufacturer Caron displays the models that represent the entire all-terrain vehicle range. The result of a specific design of the gears and axles, these vehicles ensure the highest stability in every working condition. In addition to agriculture, the Caron transporters are prized for summer and winter maintenance services and for materials handling on building sites and municipal deposits. In this edition of EIMA International, the company from Pianezze (VI) presents the CTK Series, with new common rail turbo intercooler 75 Hp engines. The two models, CTK 77 and CTK 80, have a total approved weight of 7,500 kg, reaching payloads up to 5,000 kg, able to offer high performance with the advantages that derive from their compact size. Maintaining the same mechanical structure of the higher-end models in the CT series, but with a smaller size (170 cm cabin width), these vehicles are able to move heavy loads or execute work with maximum manoeuvrability in tight spaces. The floating masses and dual hydraulic circuit braking system and the 6-speed transmission (available in two versions with 24 and 36 speeds with Hi-Low) ensure that the vehicle stops within a short distance and provides the right speed ratio, and thus the adequate power in every working situation. The cabin, complete with doors and heating system, is approved with a rollover protection system and is mounted on oil shock absorbers and silentblocks to offer maximum comfort for driver and passenger, both on road and on uneven and rough terrain. The arrangement of the switches and levers inside the cabin has been developed to ensure maximum ease and comfort in the use of the commands, with the touch screen display that transmits in real time all the information necessary for the optimal use of the vehicle.


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