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The high performance of Caron transporters

by the editorial staff
October - November 2022 | Back

Agility, performance and comfort are the common features of the new products that Caron, a company specialising in the production of transporters, will be presenting at EIMA 2022. Taking centre stage will be the new AR/ST series of motorised tractors, vehicles that can reach a load capacity of over 3,000 kilos, with a total weight of 5 tonnes. They are powered by a range of engines with powers from 25 to 68 horsepower, which make the AR/ST versatile machines that can be used even on the most demanding terrain. During the five days of the Bologna exhibition, it will also be possible to see the Agilesprayer series with sprayer. The configuration with the tank in a central position - says the Vicenza-based company, based in Pianezze - guarantees better balance and agility of manoeuvre than a traditional tractor. The transporters with sprayer are powered by 68-horsepower Stage V engines that offer solid performance even with heavy loads in rough terrain, while the tank capacity (up to 2,000 litres) reduces the time needed for water refilling, thus optimising hourly output. Another strong point of these models are the safety devices to protect the operator, in particular the category 4 certified pressurised cab that protects the driver from inhaling dust and aerosols. On the Caron stand at EIMA 2022, the spotlight will also be on the new Agilematic six-speed automatic and sequential gearbox; a robotised transmission with a total of 36 gears (24+12 reverse gears). Available on large transporters of the CT, CTM, CTS and CTK-M series up to 140 Hp, the Agilematic automatic gearbox - explains the manufacturer in a technical note - optimises gear changes by exploiting engine power to the maximum, providing greater practicality and safety even on slopes.


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