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Complete restyling for the Caron range

by the editorial staff
October 2021 | Back

Visitors to EIMA will be able to discover many new features at the stand of Caron, a Vicenza-based company specialising in the construction of road transport vehicles. It starts with the new version of the CTKM Series transporters, now equipped with mechanical spring suspensions. The system uses two coil springs that work in synergy, one inside the other: this - reads a note from the company - reduces rolling and makes it possible to work safely even on slopes. In addition, the Series' compact size allows it to operate in contexts characterised by constrained manoeuvring space.

CTKM is available with manual or sequential automatic 36-speed transmission and engines from 75 to 140 Hp. In the AR/ST series, the AR/ST 790 model features a sturdy 68 Hp Stage V engine that can handle a payload of 3,000 kg. The overall weight of up to 5,000 kg does not compromise driving comfort, which is guaranteed by the 24-speed synchronised gearbox. These features make the AR/ST 790 a vehicle suitable for professional use in agriculture and forestry, but also in the construction sector.

Also noteworthy, the work carried out by Caron's designers includes the new elegant design of the bonnet, expressly studied to house the new Stage V engine. The innovative AR Agile Sprayer, equipped with a 68 Hp Stage V engine, is also in the spotlight at the Caron exhibition space. It is a multifunctional vehicle that combines the typical functions of a transporter with those of a sprayer. The tank capacity, up to 2,000 litres on request, reduces the time and fuel consumption needed for water refuelling, optimising - says Caron - the hourly output.

Particular attention was given to safety, with a pressurised cabin certified category 4, which protects the operator from inhaling dust and aerosols. The AR Agile Sprayer is a versatile machine and can be equipped with various interchangeable attachments.


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