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Caron new series with Euro 6 engines

by the editorial staff
June 2018 | Back

The Vicenza-based company Caron continues developing its range with the renewal of the transporter series. The CT models with rigid axles and CTS/CTA, equipped with overlapping triangles suspension, self-levelling and lockable on both axles or only on the front axle respectively, will be equipped with a 110 Hp Euro 6 VM, a four-stroke turbo intercooler engine, with direct injection and common rail power that optimizes performance and consumption. The new version of the CTS series adds the 4-wheel steering system as optional equipment. The latter further improves the vehicle’s manoeuvrability, where the rear axle reaches the same steering angle of the front wheels, thus halving the turning radius. The system is also equipped with a crab crawl mode, which is useful to cross the steep slopes obliquely.

The transporter gearbox is synchronized, with 6 gears, and has a wide speed range for a total of 36 ratios (24 forward and 12 reverse) with synchronized hi-low and reverser. The traction is ensured in any situation thanks to the axles with epicyclic final drivers equipped with electro-hydraulic front and rear differential lockings and disengagement of the front wheel drive. Comfort is given plenty of space with cabins equipped with large glazed surfaces, designed to ensure maximum visibility during work, both on the road and off-road. In addition, all the controls and levers are arranged according to the most careful ergonomics, while the touchscreen display transmits in real time all the information necessary for the correct operation of the vehicle. Maximum attention has been given to safety thanks to the braking system with its 315 mm diameter self-adjusting floating masses and the brake servo, which ensure that the vehicle stops within a small distance and in complete safety, on any type of terrain, even on muddy and dusty ground.


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