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Cingo haulers, the news for Merlo crawlers

by Fabrizio Sereni
January - February 2019 | Back

Their name is Cingo and they are multi-tool tracked conveyors designed by the Cuneo company Merlo (the headquarters are in San Defendente) to offer primary operators multi-purpose and versatile work tools. The characteristic of the range, which is in the spotlight at the recent edition of EIMA International, is the low centre of gravity. Together with the tracked transmission system, this ensures maximum side stability even on sharp slopes. This feature allows Cingo to work with great agility even on deformable or irregular soils, always keeping great surface grip while decreasing the pressure on the ground. The range includes a wide choice of vehicles, with capacities ranging from a minimum of 400 to a maximum of 1200 kilos, all equipped with Merlo’s innovative quick coupling system, compatible with a large number of applications. Among the models in the range, it is worth pointing out the new Cingo M8.3PLUS and M8.3EVO, with a modular chassis and innovative gear motors with built-in parking brake. Powered by a 17-horsepower diesel, M8.3PLUS and M8.3EVO are able to work in any operating situation (the load capacity is 800 kilos), but they really stand out on hilly and mountainous surfaces, where their compact size, the low centre of gravity, and the remarkable traction capacity ensure high performance and safety. The hydrostatic system also allows it to manage the speed from a few metres per hour to the maximum speed of 5.2 km/h and to control the steering with ease and millimetric precision, ensuring thoroughness of work and driving safety. These constructive solutions are successfully exported also on the Cingo M12.3EVO, which, compared to the other two multi-tools, is characterized by a maximum capacity of 1200 kilos.


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