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Tecnomeccanica srl: innovation and safety

The Turin company has risen to the fore in the Turin industrial district through the manufacturer's application of innovative to production. Tecnomeccanica machinery is known for reliability and durability and especially for great attention to the safety of the operator

by Giacomo Di Paola
May - June 2014 | Back

When a manufacturer of agricultural machinery is able to extend guarantees on their ranges to three years this means company management is totally confident in the reliability of these products and that their designers have developed avant-garde construction solutions capable of prolonging their normal lifespan. Extending guarantees is often the prerogative of more highly structured enterprises capable of investing in R&S activities. Tecnomeccanica in Formia di Casale di Mazzé, near Turin, specialized in the manufacture of machinery for forestry and agriculture, has shown that in spite of the undoubted correlation between an ability to innovate and the size of the company structure, SMEs can also weigh in with their technological capacities for competing on the market. Tecnomeccanica has attracted the attention of workers in the sector by gearing their production to the high tech end through advanced manufacturing processes deploying robotics for welding and numerical control for the precision automation of machine tools plus lean and flexible plant structure for adapting products according to demand trends. A company communique said, “Investing in technologies has allowed us on the one hand to develop applications with increasing high quality content and, on the other, to reduce production times and costs, especially those connected to energy consumption, to be able to constantly update the construction profiles of our machinery. Moreover, thanks to our trial center, we are able to test our models in conditions which are very close to real work conditions so that we can make improvements on the basis of feedback received in the field.” This means that Tecnomeccanica products are in ongoing evolution to ensure strength for the Turin manufacturer in four market segments: soil preparation and materials movement with the Agri Technics range; road and highway maintenance with the Free Way line of mini snow removal transporters and salt spreaders in wide range of sizes; groundskeeping with the Green Line of mowers and machinery for the maintenance of specialized grounds such as sports facilities and orchards. One of the company's key series however is the Forest Winner range of cranes, forestry trailers and loaders, log splitters and especially a wide selection of hydraulic log grabs for clearing woods and dealing with movement and processing wood. Up for special mention are the Explosion 600 and Explosion 800 models with noteworthy performance and speed recently developed and patented by the Casale di Mazzé firm. “Our forestry line groups machines with various functions but which all share great attention devoted to the safety of the operator,” the communique said. The log grabs, for example, are equipped with a very useful safety block valve which prevents accidents and front loaders are fitted with a safety device which blocks the machine in case of a break in the hydraulic line. Also the Tecnomeccanica forestry trailers are available with reliable plant which increases braking suitable for rugged terrain where brakes are subjected to overheating and the risk of accidents is greater. 


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